Reality is bigger than matters of fact. Matters of fact are a subset of reality and a product of our attention. Our attention is a product of our concerns.

The two sides of a claim: claim as a just title to something and claim as an object of concern. We stake a claim because something matters to us.

We claim something when we stake a claim to its truth.

When someone wishes to question a claim, they say it is not really ours. They say we don’t have a claim to the truth. They don’t accept its relation to truth. Instead they ask: why does it matter?

One could ask why this truth and not that truth.  Instead, those who wish to discredit a claim ask: what matters to that person and why?

One can ask why certain truths are highlighted and still respect those truths. And by respecting those truths, allow they exist independent of the claims to them. This may put one in the position of having to explain why those particular truths matter or don’t really matter.

So much easier to ignore the possibility of truth-value and simply go for the jugular: assert claims are motivated fantasies – then focus on the wellsprings of motivation.

Inspiration: Bruno Latour -