In The Environmental Concerns of Climate Change Skeptics, I established that beliefs about climate change and caring about the environment are not strongly correlated. For instance, in a recent survey, even though just 36% of Republican or Republican-Leaning Millennials endorsed “Earth is warming mostly due to human activity”, 83-87% of the same group supported expansion of renewables and 60% wanted the government to do more to protect animals and habitat (Pew Research 2019). So here are some environmental causes the skeptics might be interested in: 

  1. Collapse of Insect Pollinators

  2. Decline of Bird Populations

  3. Water and Air Pollution

  4. Endangered Species

  5. Habitat Loss and Management

  6. Coral Reef Risk and Resilience

  7. Protecting Coasts and Wetlands

  8. Energy Efficiency

  9. Renewables

  10. Environmental Stewardship

Ok, so “Environmental Stewardship” isn’t quite as concrete as the rest of the list. But if you’re so inclined, the idea of stewardship resonates, especially for Christians. See, for instance, Loving the Environment Is a Christian Responsibility. The Christian idea of stewardship may not mesh with proposal that humans and other life forms are “bio-equals” but it’s good enough for me.

Outcomes matter more than coming from the right place.