Human-speak for neural processes:

The brain generates images of possible futures, including outcomes of our actions. Each possible action-outcome is tagged with a probability and a value. The value is based on goals.  The brain weighs the probabilities, values, and goals and makes a choice: do this. The machine acts.

The brain constantly incorporates new information into its decision-making algorithms. Eternal update. A constant shifting of probabilities, values, and goals - not necessarily in that order. All this makes it very difficult to predict what the machine will do next.

It’s hard to wrap one’s head around the idea of being a machine with free will. It would be easier if we expanded our understanding of machine and shrank our notion of free will. Machines are entities defined by causal relationships. Free will is the ability to choose, which in turn depends on having means and options. Our brains, bodies and world provide the necessary conditions of choice. I end with a quote:

“Causality encompasses everything from your genes to your ideas about the future. As we find out new facts about genes and brains, the space in which your self exists – your free will, responsibility and choices – doesn’t diminish.” - Tom Stafford “It's not an illusion, you have free will. It's just not what you think”