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_2019 US Energy Sources for Electricity 2009-2019.png

Long story short: less coal, more natural gas, nuclear and hydroelectric are flat, and renewables haven’t gotten much traction yet (especially if you discount biofuels). Next!

_2019 US CO2 Emission by EnergySource for Electricity.png

Long story short: controlling for energy generated, coal emits about 80% more CO2 than natural gas. Then again, natural gas emits a lot of methane, another greenhouse gas. Then again, fixing methane leaks is proceeding apace and is both profitable and doable (see ). Next!

_2019 US CO2 Emissions 2005-2019.png

Long story short: CO2 emissions from natural gas have not increased as much as emissions from coal have decreased. Emissions from petroleum have been pretty flat for the last several years, despite the booming economy. Progress is being made. Now, faster, faster!