Heuristics that are useful except when they aren’t:

  1. It depends
  2. Context is everything
  3. The devil’s in the details
  4. Avoid categorical thinking
  5. Dose matters
  6. What are the trade-offs?
  7. What’s the pay-off?
  8. Pause
  9. What’s being left out?
  10. Behavior speaks louder than words
  11. Motive is less important than merit of the case
  12. Subjectivity is not the opposite of objectivity
  13. Acknowledge what you don’t know
  14. Nothing is obvious
  15. Action does not require certainty
  16. Hold fast to principle and be willing to compromise
  17. What matters most right now?
  18. Be nice
  19. What’s the other side’s best argument?
  20. No heuristic works all the time