Here’s another advantages of the modest Basic Income Guarantee (BIG): child support could be electronically deducted from BIG directly, so less time and money would be spent chasing down fathers and at least some child support would be guaranteed. Automatic child support deductions would likely influence the dynamics of gender relations by making men a bit more cautious about casual sex. Put simply, sex carries greater risk for women than men, which the certainty of paternal child support would partly mitigate. That means more balanced power dynamics between the genders. Sure a deadbeat dad with lots of kids could lose all his BIG to child support. So he’ll have to work. The BIG should not be conceived as a right. It is a benefit that is not means-tested but which may be reduced in special cases, such as for unpaid taxes, fines or child support. The BIG will still be a great improvement on the current system and would be a great help to single mothers, students, and low-wage earners.